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Applied Mulch & Soil provides Terraseeding® services for new lawn installations, turf installations, and existing lawn renovation or repair. The pneumatic systems used in our Express Blower® trucks simplify the lawn seeding process allowing us to quickly and easily plant new seed in large and complex areas. Saving you time and money while providing you with a healthier, stronger and faster yielding lawn.

Applied Mulch & Soil’s advanced installation technology ensures the project is completed without impact to the work site and surrounding areas. Terraseeding® means no wheelbarrows or damage to your landscapes.

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What is Terraseeding®?

Terraseeding® is an exclusive process that allows the calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer and other granular additives directly into growing media such as soils, compost or mulches. This process is excellent for new turf establishment as well as providing erosion control.

Benefits of Terraseeding®:

  • Planted and protected – Seeds are planted into the soil. Traditional seeding leaves grass or vegetation seeds on top of the soil, exposed and unprotected.
  • Customized solution – Seed and growing medium mixtures can be customized to incorporate a wide variety of grasses, wildflowers or native plants as well as fertilizers and tackifiers.
  • Increased germination – Due to the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil.
  • Increased efficiency – Terraseeding® process can quickly seed large and complex areas of land.
  • Smooth finish – The seed and soil mixture is “blown in”, leveling the rough grade and filling in thin or patchy areas. The layer of topsoil applied will drain well promoting vegetative growth and prevents erosion.


Erosion Control Applications:

  • Erosion control blankets – The perfect solution for steep embankments or slopes going into water sources like ponds or channels, or by trafficked areas like roadways and parks. The “blanket” interlocks with the soil beneath it improving the soil structure, absorbing rainfall energy and slowing water run off velocity. When the application of an Erosion Control Blanket is combined with the Terraseeding® process, erosion is prevented and permanent vegetation is established.
  • New lawn installation – Most lawns can be installed in a few hours, Terraseeding® allows for faster initial growth and stronger soil structure.
  • Existing lawn and Athletic field turf topdressing – Quickly level existing lawns and athletic fields with a topdressing that improves soil quality and promotes healthy plant growth.

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