Hydroseeding: An Efficient Process to Help Your Plants Grow and Protect Against Erosion

Hydroseeding is a process which produces grass sooner than a traditional dry seed installation and also helps protect against erosion. A slurry involving a mixture of seed, fertilizer, and tackifier is transported by our fleet of Express Blower® trucks to the necessary application site. Our tackifying agent is added in order to maintain the seed and soil integrity; which also helps prevent against erosion. The fleet of trucks used by the professionals of Applied Mulch & Soil uses state-of-the-art technology which makes installation more efficient and effective.  

Benefits of Hydroseeding:

  • Higher retention of moisture
  • Promotes quicker germination
  • Efficient and uniform application
  • Product bonds directly  to the soil surface
  • Erosion control

The process used by the professionals at Applied Mulch & Soil is able to withstand high-wind conditions and drought, making it less demanding and easier to maintain. This is the ideal solution for the weather conditions of our servicing areas.

The experienced professionals of Applied Mulch & Soil have the solutions you are searching for so you can focus on the bigger picture. Contact Applied Mulch & Soil today for your next hydroseeding project!