Intensive and Semi-Intensive Green Roof Systems

Green roofs provide a necessary solution for many areas such as urban communities who suffer from environmental issues as well a diminished amount of green space. For many, the roof is traditionally used as a way to protect the interior of a building. However, when the professionals of Applied Mulch & Soil install a green roof system, the space turns into a system that will help save energy, encourage biodiversity – and so much more! We provide a solution for areas encountering issues and for those who desire a green space. Our Express Blower® trucks make the installation of green roof soils and drainage materials quick and efficient. 

Intensive and Semi-Intensive Green Roof Systems

With options to choose from, it is important to understand their purposes and whether they will work for your space and your project. Two of the options to choose from are intensive and semi-intensive green roofs – continue reading to learn the difference.

Intensive Green Roof: This option allows for a wide variety of plant life as well as professional routine maintenance, it is common for museums and universities.  Typically, the growing media depth is 12 inches or higher. The water retention level is high which allows for greater vegetative tolerance. 

Semi-Intensive Green Roof: Ideally suitable for ground covers, grasses, and small shrubs; semi-intensive green roofs require moderate routine maintenance. On average, the growing media depth is 6 – 12 inches deep. The water retention level is high which makes it ideal for deeper rooting sedum, grasses, herbs, or flowering plants. 

In addition to the purpose of your green roof, you will need to take into consideration the structural integrity of the building. The plants, as well as the soil, retain a substantial amount of moisture, so it’s important to know how much weight your roof can handle. Determining the amount of weight your building can handle can be difficult and it is advisable to work with a professional contractor to make this determination. Applied Mulch & Soil has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to install the proper amount of materials for the project.   

Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience with the installation and maintenance of green roofs. In addition to expertise, the ideal equipment is also utilized for all of our projects. We provide and install materials where they are needed the most – even 20 stories high! The state-of-the-art technology in our fleet of Express Blower® trucks allows for the quick and efficient installation of materials. To learn more, contact us today!