Rise Above Labor Shortage

With many industries in New York State and surrounding areas suffering from a labor shortage, it is vital for businesses to examine the underlying costs of manpower and how to improve efficiency in order to complete projects in a timely manner. One of the most efficient ways to decrease manpower while completing a project such as mulch, soil, or aggregate installation, is to work with the professionals of Applied Mulch & Soil. Our experts put our fleet of Express Blower® trucks to work for our clients so that they are able to focus on other areas of their business. This may seem like it would be too costly, but if you examine the costs and scope of the project, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Costs of Using an Express Blower Truck

Utilizing an Express Blower® truck for projects can make jobs that would otherwise be almost impossible or too strenuous, more efficient to manage and complete. The advanced technology of our equipment allows for our process to be faster and more efficient than traditional installation methods. Applied Mulch & Soil provides and installs the material precisely where they are needed, whether it is on a steep embankment or a roof top terrace. 

While looking at the costs associated with labor, it’s essential to consider the following:

• Times when the amount of manpower is down, you need to take into consideration the places and projects that could benefit from the labor the most. Which is better for your business, installing mulch or green roof materials manually or focusing on tasks would continue to benefit the company? Allowing our experts to handle the project, no matter how difficult the location is, can be the solution to your problem.

• Putting an Express Blower® truck to work can lead to an increase in profitability. While our team of experts work to install the materials where they are needed, this will allow your personnel to focus on other areas of the project or other areas of your business as opposed to trying to work on multiple aspects. This ensures your projects will be completed in a timely fashion and surpassing your satisfaction. 

• Consider the product being used, the duration of the project, and if the materials will need to be stored. When the required materials are installed with an Express Blower® truck it will reduce your overall costs and potential risks associated with the project. Traditional installation methods, many of which require wheelbarrows for installation, may also require storage for supplies and materials. Express Blower® trucks gives our team the ability to complete a project within a matter of hours, which when compared to traditional methods, proves to be significant. Projects which can take multiple days for a crew to complete manually would require storage for the materials and tools which then requires additional cleanup. 

In addition to the benefits listed above, Applied Mulch & Soil provides and installs the materials precisely where they’re needed which eliminates leftover piles needed to be cleaned up. Our fleet also ensures that your landscape, hardscape, or other structures do not become damaged during the installation. 

When you take all of these into consideration, the benefits of working with an express installation company far surpasses the traditional methods many companies are used to working with. Contact Applied Mulch & Soil today to learn more about our services and to transform your project. Work smarter, leverage technology, and save money!