Mulch and Soil Installation

Mulch and Soil Installation With Express Blower

Applied Mulch & Soil delivers and installs mulch with our fleet of Express Blower® trucks. Utilizing the advanced technology takes out the hassle of wheelbarrows and doesn’t damage your landscape. The Express Blower® trucks allow the ease of installation in difficult to access situations with the capacity to reach more than 500 feet from the truck. We are able to install large quantities of mulch in less time converting an otherwise labor intensive, costly, difficult job into a lower cost, less intensive job.

Our mulch provides the following for your property:
Weed protection: As mulch is properly applied to landscape, weed seeds will not come into direct contact with soil and are not able to germinate. Existing weeds below the soil's surface are deprives of sunlight and inhibit weed growth.
Water retention: Plants with a consistent soil moisture-level are less likely to become stressed and able to better resist diseases and pests.
Curb appeal: There is no arguing with the aesthetic of landscapes finished with one of our premium mulch products.

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Contact Applied Mulch & Soil today about your next project and to get a free estimate!

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