Terraseeding® is an Exclusive Process with Superior Benefits

Terraseeding® is an innovative and exclusive method proven to provide a superior solution for landscape development as well as erosion control. The process allows for a calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer and other granular additives directly into soils, mulches or composts.

With the use of a pneumatic blower system the application is not only quick and efficient it also produces growth faster than traditional seeding methods. It also means there are no wheelbarrows involved with the application or the process. This reduces the project duration as there is no back and forth hauling the product to the application site. Applied Mulch & Soil’s advanced technology ensures every project is completed without impact to the work site as well as the areas the surrounding areas.

The unique process of Terraseeding® also ensures the protection of the seed that is being applied to the landscape. The seed is protected from the harsh rays of the sun, wind, and wildlife. Since the seeds are sheltered it helps the germination process, which is a major benefit, especially for new turf establishment and erosion control.

Applications Using Terraseeding®

  • Erosion control blankets
  • New turf establishment
  • Athletic turf topdressing and renovation
  • Weed control in flower beds
  • Existing lawn topdressing and renovation
  • And many more!

The specialists of Applied Mulch & Soil have the experience, knowledge, and advanced technology you need in order to have a project completed the way you envisioned. To find out more about our exclusive process, and to get started on your next project, contact Applied Mulch & Soil today!