The Benefits of Aggregate Installations with Applied Mulch & Soil

With the use of our pneumatic Express Blower® trucks our experienced professionals are able to quickly and efficiently install aggregates in the necessary place. This process eliminates the need for wheelbarrows and extensive, back-breaking, work. Aggregates are the foundation for many projects including trails and walkways, rooftop terraces, basements and crawl spaces, and so much more! 

The Benefits of Aggregate Installations 

An aggregate installation with the proper design and operating process, as well as production, minimizes impact on landscape, wildlife, as well as surface and groundwater. While aggregates are mined from the earth, when done properly, the mining process does not pose a threat to the surrounding environment. These aggregates can then be used to benefit many projects including: 

Retaining Walls: Installing a retaining wall with aggregates allows for drainage control so that pressure from water does not build up behind the wall. This pressure could lead to larger issues down the road that would need to be addressed. 

Green Roof Media: Aggregates make an ideal base for the growing medium. They help maintain soil structure as well as air and water movement throughout the soil.  The installation of aggregates also acts as a drainage layer for the roof. 

Environmentally Sensitive Areas: The use of aggregates in environmentally sensitive areas allows for the control of sediment reduction. Sediment pollution from areas such as unpaved roads has the potential to pollute nearby waterways and the surrounding landscape during rainfall, the addition of aggregates to these areas helps to reduce exposure to such contaminants.   

The state-of-the-art technology utilized by the professionals of Applied Mulch & Soil allows for the installation of round stones or gravel up to 1” in size and up to 200 feet from our truck with total ease! Contact our team today so we can get started on your next project. Whether you’re in need of aggregate installation, Terraseeding®, or certified playground safety surfaces, we have the solution your project needs!