The Benefits of Filter Sock Installation

Filter socks have been increasing in popularity and becoming the preferred perimeter and sediment control product. In many scenarios, filter sock installations are faster, less expensive, and easier than the alternative silt fences.

While they are most commonly used construction sites, they can be utilized for many landscape applications for erosion and sediment control. In areas where water runoff is cause for concern of contamination, or erosion, the installation of a mulch or compost filter sock can contain, reduce, and even redirect water flow.

Not only is the design of the filter sock more aesthetically pleasing, but, when the trenching that is needed for traditional silt fences is not possible Applied Mulch & Soil’s filter socks is the perfect solution. Our advanced technology allows our experienced team to install filter socks on frozen ground, paved locations, even around sensitive trees and vegetation!

Additional Filter Sock Benefits

  • Stabilization: Filter socks can be utilized to stabilize and prevent the erosion of channel beds as well as land masses such as river or pond banks. Additionally, they can be used within living retaining walls. Their use in these sites provides stabilization, erosion prevention, and provides the strength needed to promote the healthy growth of vegetation.
  • Sediment Control: The experts of Applied Mulch & Soil can quickly determine the boundaries of the construction site or project and install a filter sock with efficiency in order to trap and retain contaminated sediment.
  • Stormwater Management: In the event of stormwater, filter socks have the ability to slow and redirect stormwater runoff away from areas where it could potentially cause damage. Additionally, filter socks can be used to reduce the runoff pace on sloped banks which helps to prevent erosion.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The filter sock can be cut open once the project is complete and the organic compost filling can be used directly on the surrounding areas. The organic compost can be utilized to overseed and promote new vegetative growth.
  • Minimal Effort and Waste: Since trenching isn’t necessary with filter socks, the work site isn’t left with trenches that need to be back filled once the job is completed. When compared to silt fences, there is minimal waste when dismantling. With silt fences comes metal spikes, chicken wire, etc. that will need to be disposed of whereas filter socks will only have the mesh that will need disposing.

These are only a few of the benefits filter socks have which will help to maintain the integrity of your construction site or other work areas! To find out more information about Applied Mulch & Soil’s filter socks and how they will benefit you, contact us and our team of experts to discuss the many ways it can help your site.