The Benefits of Mulch Applications

Installing mulch is one of the most beneficial items that can be done for your landscape. With the use of our Express Blower® trucks our professionals are able to install mulch quicker and more efficiently than using the traditional wheelbarrow method. Additionally, this means there are no piles remaining on the landscape that would need to be cleaned up and it helps to ensure the application is even.

Benefits of Installing Mulch

  • Water retention: A layer of mulch helps plants to maintain a consistent moisture level, protecting the plants from becoming too dry. These plants are less likely to become stressed, more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Temperature protection: Particularly in cold-winter areas, mulch gives a layer of insulation against the extreme temperatures. Plants without this added protection are more likely to become stressed which can lead to them dying unexpectedly. Whereas in hot-summer areas, a layer of mulch will help to keep the roots cooler.
  • Weed protection: A proper mulch application will help prevent weed growth in multiple ways. Weeds that exist beneath the surface are deprived of the sunlight they need in order to grow. A proper application will also prevent weed seeds from coming into direct contact with the soil ensuring they will not be able to germinate.
  • Provides support: Whether you have a young plant or one that was newly planted, giving them a bed of mulch will help provide support as well as protection and encourage healthy growth.
  • Curb appeal: There’s no arguing that an establishment with a proper mulch application will look for more aesthetically pleasing compared to an establishment without any mulch or a poor application.

There are many more reasons why a proper mulch application is beneficial for your plants and landscape. Applied Mulch & Soil’s team of experts have extensive experience with proper mulch applications and many more installation services utilizing our fleet of Express Blower® trucks. Our fleet allows for a quick and efficient process that other companies cannot provide. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of mulch applications and to get started on your next project!