Extensive Green Roof Installation

Traditionally, roofs are used as a way to protect the interior of your structure. As the population steadily increases the need for green spaces increases as well. Green roofs serve a variety of purposes and fulfill many necessities including the reduction of storm water runoff, noise reduction, improved air quality, as well as increasing green space for urban areas. When going through the planning process, it is important to know and understand the different options that are available to you and how the options can fulfill the needs of your project. In addition to intensive and semi-intensive, there is the option of an extensive green roof. 

Extensive Green Roof System

Extensive green roofs are a lightweight design that has a media depth of 6 inches or less, which makes it ideal for shallow rooting and drought tolerant species of plants. Low-growing plants such as succulents that do not require a lot of maintenance or water are suitable for an extensive green roof. 

Since the media depth for an extensive green roof is considerably shallower compared to a semi-intensive or intensive green roof system, you will need to take this into consideration while choosing the type of vegetative life you are looking to plant. 

Each green roof installation is unique to the needs of the project, the integrity of the structure, as well as the roof. It is essential to take into consideration the integrity of the building and determine the amount of weight it can handle. To do so, you are advised to work with a professional contractor prior to beginning the installation with our experts. 

Applied Mulch & Soil provides and installs materials where they are needed the most, even if they’re needed on roof that’s 20 stories high! Our green roof experts utilize the advanced technology of our Express Blower® trucks to quickly and properly install green roof media and drainage materials for clients throughout numerous industries.  

To learn more about the green roof options available and to begin your project, contact us to work with one of our green roof experts!