Improving Soil through Organic Matter

When an organic material, such as mulch, is incorporated into the soil it will undergo a breakdown process and add nutrients into the soil composition. Adding organic matter to soil is essential to achieve high quality soil. Organic matter in the soil is an important factor in controlling the sustainability of a system as well as supplying plants with nutrients they require in order to thrive. 

Methods of Incorporating Organic Matter:

Mulch: When a proper layer of mulch is added to your landscape it enriches the soil while adding a layer of insulation. The application will need to be redone yearly. As mulch begins to age and become weathered, its ability to defend and protect against drought and disease becomes diminished. Replenishing mulch can better resist weeds and diseases while creating a stable environment for the soil. 

Soil Amendment: Compost, manure, organic materials and many others are considered to be soil amendment elements which all improve the capacity and ability to support plant life. These amendments, when properly executed, will be a weed-free material and will add a long-lasting boost to the soil. If this process is not executed in the proper manner, your landscape will be at risk of weeds and foreign materials being brought in.  

Top Dressing: This process refers to an application of organic matter to the surface  layer of the soil. Top Dressing is beneficial for the overall health of the soil and your landscape. When paired with the proper soil amendment and application process from the professionals at Applied Mulch & Soil, the benefits for your landscape are seemingly endless. 

Contact Applied Mulch & Soil: We advise before attempting these methods on your own, contact our team of professionals. The combination of our knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment allows for an exact, and calibrated, application for each job.